431,000 Immigrants are expected to Migrate to Canada.

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Until August 22, there were around 300,000 new permanent residents in Canada. Sean Fraser, Canada's minister of immigration, announced this week that the country had reached the 300,000 level earlier than in any previous year. Only six times since Confederation in 1867 has Canada accepted more than 300,000 immigrants in a calendar year: in the years [...]

PNP draws in BC and Manitoba

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The outcomes of the PNP draws in BC and Manitoba, and why Saskatchewan's draws are lower this year. Except for Quebec and Nunavut, most Canadian provinces and territories have their own Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). Interested applicants are encouraged to seek a provincial nomination through these initiatives. If the invited applicants obtain the nomination, they can [...]

Manitoba invites 443 candidates in first PNP

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Manitoba held the first PNP draw of 2022 and welcomed 443 immigrants to apply for a PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) Draw. Manitoba Invited 443 Immigration Candidates in first PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) Draw The first Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) welcomed candidates across three Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). Here are the quantity of invitations given for each [...]

Highest CRS Requirement cut-off draw held in Alberta

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The November 24 draw was tied for the second-smallest draw of the year, and had the second-highest CRS requirement. Alberta held another Highest CRS Requirement cut-off draw Inviting 100 Candidates for Provincial Nomination. It was a moderately little draw, thinking about most of the current year's Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) draws have welcomed in excess [...]

Nova Scotia PNP: Move to Canada without job offer

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Nova Scotia is aiming to increase its population and economic growth by inviting immigrants from abroad even without a job offer. There are many factors behind picking Nova Scotia as an immigration objective. Nova Scotia is one of Canada's Maritime areas and is situated on the east coast. The area is known for its terrific rough [...]

Manitoba PNP: Invites 421 new immigration candidates

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Manitoba invited 421 immigration candidates in its new PNP draw on November 1. The results of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) are as follows: 1. Skilled workers in Manitoba- 350 invitations procuring a minimum score of 460 points. 2. Skilled workers overseas- 38 invitations procuring a minimum score of 713 points. 3. International education stream- [...]

Alberta PNP inviting immigrants without job offer

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If you are hoping to immigrate to Canada and do not hold a job offer then Alberta Express Entry Stream can help you to move to Canada through Alberta PNP. While the most famous immigration course in Canada is known as the Express Entry system, there is a similarly encouraging course called the Provincial Nominee Program [...]

Alberta PNP invites 293 new immigration candidates

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Candidates with minimum 300 CRS score have been invited through the new Alberta PNP draw. Alberta invited new immigration candidates through its Alberta PNP draw held on October 12. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) welcomed 293 Express Entry candidates with scores of no less than 300 to apply for a provincial nomination. This is the [...]

Canada Inviting Lebanese Nationals for Immigration

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Canada has been proudly inviting Lebanese nationals for immigration since 1882. Here is a brief of different ways for Lebanese to pursue immigration in Canada. Canada began inviting people from Lebanon in 1882 and today approximately 400,000 Lebanese people are successfully placed in Canada. Lebanese-Canadians have proceeded to hold conspicuous jobs in many positions, like legislators, [...]

Manitoba invites 459 candidates for provincial nomination

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Manitoba held invited 459 immigration candidates through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) on October 21. The classification is as follows: Skilled Workers in Manitoba — 388 invitations with a base score of 375; Skilled Workers Overseas — 39 invitations with a base score of 716; and International Education Stream — 37 invitations with no score [...]

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