In general, there are two sorts of visas that one may apply for while traveling to Sweden. A person would apply for a Schengen Visa if they wanted to visit Sweden for leisure. Essentially, this serves as a three-month visa. Tourists frequently use it since it gives them access to the Schengen Area of the European Union. The second type of visa is a long-stay visa called a Residence Permit for Sweden, which may be requested for a number of reasons. To enter Sweden lawfully for the purpose of studying, students who wish to do so must first apply for either a residence permit or a Sweden study visa.

Resident Permits are issued by the Swedish Migration Agency in Sweden but processed by the Swedish Embassy and Consulates in India.

Sweden Student Visa Processing Time

Since Sweden receives all visa applications, the processing time is around 90 days. You are suggested to start the procedure as soon as you can, although it can take longer. Additionally, submitting a paper application takes far longer than doing it online. Students are thus recommended to use an online application.

What documents are required for a Sweden Student Visa?

If you are applying for a student visa for Sweden, you would have to provide certain documents. Even before you start the actual visa application, we suggest you must ensure you have all of the following documents.

  • At the time of application, a student must have a passport that is valid for at least six months. Additionally, the passport must have been issued no more than 10 years prior to the application.
  • A letter of enrollment from a Swedish university is required, outlining the course’s duration and attesting that the first installment of tuition has been paid in full.
  • This must contain a study session that is equal to at least 30 credits, the student has to be aware of this. You will be charged for two semesters if your first semester does not total 30 credits.
  • Proof of financial capability demonstrates that you have the money necessary to pay for the course in which you are enrolled as well as your living expenses while abroad. To the tune of SEK 8,190 for each month of your stay in Sweden, computed for the anticipated stay with a minimum of 10 months for each year of staying in Sweden, this may take the shape of a scholarship or sponsor (public or private), student loan, or personal finances.
  • If your stay is shorter than 10 months, you will be required to show proof of health insurance. When they arrive in Sweden, students who want extended stays will get a mandatory health insurance package.
  • X, XII, and Bachelors (whichever applicable) The year that the course was completed is clearly displayed on the mark sheet and certificate.
  • You will also need to submit a 1000-character essay (approximately 150 words) explaining why Sweden is your preferred study destination as part of your application. The same does not have a set structure, but you must present a precise justification for what you think Sweden offers that your own nation does not.
  • You would need two sets of the papers for paper applications: the originals and genuine copies that have been signed.
  • You would need to upload the scanned copy of the original papers for Online. Don’t forget to scan and submit the actual paperwork, not the duplicates.
  • Additionally, the uploaded files for online applications should not exceed 2MB in size and be in a format that is appropriate. The preferred file types for official paperwork are always PDF and JPEG.

How to apply for a Swedish Student Visa

Candidates are required to follow the steps mentioned below to successfully apply for their Swedish Study Visa.

  • Confirm your admission to a Swedish university and prepare the documents as per the checklist mentioned above
  • Confirm health insurance (if applicable)
  • Fill out the residence permit application form online by the Website.
  • Upload the documents and submit your application.
  • Pay the visa fee of SEK 1,500 through a Visa/ Mastercard
  • Receive confirmation from the consulate/ embassy
  • Submit your biometric information and photograph at the nearest embassy/ consulate office of Sweden on receiving the email

Working while on a Student Visa in Sweden?

In Sweden, international students are permitted to work while they are enrolled in classes. The maximum number of hours a student may work is unrestricted. However, a student is obligated to put in at least 40 hours of study every week. The majority of Swedish universities offer dedicated career centers where students can get help locating suitable part-time jobs.

Working process after Studies

After completing their studies in Sweden, students can apply for and get a 6-month extension of their residence permit to look for employment. The student would need to have a work permit for Sweden once they had suitable employment. Students who want to establish their own business in Sweden can also apply for a residence permit.

Scholarships for studying in Sweden

Many overseas students favor Sweden for their higher education. However, going to school in Sweden is not inexpensive. Students must thus find various means of raising money to pay for their tuition and living expenses. Numerous institutions in Sweden provide scholarships to foreign students in response to student demand.

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