How to apply for Hong Kong Immigration from India

Are you looking for hong kong immigration from India? Here you know all those process of hong kong immigration from India.

Hong Kong is the ultimate immigration destination for Indians indulged in the financial sector, capital market or any other businesses. Hong Kong is rightly termed as the center of finance of South Asia and is governed by China.

In the past few years, Hong Kong has become an extremely popular destination among Indians who go there for permanent residency and for long term projects. The area offers high income to finance professionals and other sections too.

Hong Kong immigration has been designed by hong kong immigration department on the basis of the economic aspirations of this autonomous region. We will generalize schemes of things primarily into.

  • Quality Migrant Admission Scheme-QMAS
  • Immigration arrangement for non-local graduates-IANG
  • General Employment scheme-GES.

QMAS: Quality migrant admission scheme This scheme firstly declared in February 2006 but it starts accepting applications on 28 June 2006 with annual sealing of 1000 applicants.

This scheme is based on the point hong kong immigration system in the hong kong special administrative region.

This scheme included two methods: a general point test in which applicants awarded points based on their education, work experience, language skill, and an achievement-based test this is for them who were professionals, medalists, scientists. The minimum passing mark in the general points test is 80 points.

General Point Test

Under this point system, applicants awarded points on the basis of many factors such as:

  1. Education Qualification-If your qualification is higher then higher your chance. Degree considered as first-class and honors favorable considered. if you have a master degree or double master degree or higher qualification like Ph.D. then a definite advantage.
  2. Working Experience- Applicants with deciding capability stand the simplest chance. more the number of years of experience, better it’s.
  3. Age- Younger people are higher chance those who in early’s 30 get the maximum advantage.

The minimum passing marks under the general points test is 80 out of 165 points.

All these are basic eligibility criteria under the general system definitely tell chances for hong kong immigration from India.

Achievement based point Test

The achievement-based points test has very high requirements for Hong Kong Immigration  from India. There are only two criteria for India to hong kong visa. An applicant must meet anybody of the 2 criteria so as to qualify for the QMAS visa. Meeting anybody of the need will reward 195 points to the candidates. Those two criteria are:

Achievement based points are designed to attract foreign nations with skill and professional excellent achievements. Applicants get a score under this test based on various factors.

  • Applicants must have received outstanding achievements, for example, Olympic medalist, Nobel prize, national/international awards.
  • Applicants have a choice to show their work acknowledged by his or her for their significant contribution in his or her field, for example, lifetime achievement award.

Now I hope you know this test system well after that this is very helpful for Hong kong immigration from India. kindly your information even businessmen and self-employed also apply for under test-based system. get more information mail

Eligibility for Hong Kong Immigration from India

  1. Age- Applicants should be 18 years or above.
  2. Education qualification- Need a good educational background. First-class Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree from a recognized university.
  3. Financial Requirements- Applicants must be able to show their capability that they are supporting and accommodating themselves.
  4. Language Proficiency- Required proficient in Chinese language or English.
  5. Character- Applicant should not any criminal record in Hong Kong or elsewhere.
  6. Nationality- Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, Nepal, and Vietnam may not apply under QMAS.

Step by step process for Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) 

Here you can know all the process for hong kong immigration from India by experts of flight2sucess immigration to all the clients who interested for live and work in hong kong. for your better understanding here you can know step by step process.

1. Selection of Applicants- First of all, Allotted particular quota to an applicant before this Applicant must be meet all individual requirements by scoring a minimum pass marks. This is for both –  General Points Test and Achievement- Based Points Test.

After all requirements applicants would be ranked based on scores if your ranking high then you go for shortlisting this decision would be taken by both one is Director of Immigration and Advisory Committee (Official and a non-official member selected by the chief executive of the HKSAR  ). An applicant would be assessed based on socio-economic and other factors of Hong Kong.

The advisory committee would be taken recommendation of director for allocation of quotas for each selection process.

Note: If an applicant is a high scoring then you do not need any quota allotment.

2. Approval in principle- If quota allotted to applicants then you would be issued an approval letter this is called approval in principle. After that come for an interview in hong kong. Applicant come with all their original documents with the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Note: Approval in principle letter is not a visa it does not provide guaranteed permanently entry in nation.

3. Visa Issue- After all procedures when your document verified then you issue an entry visa.

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