Any foreign person wishing to enroll in an educational programme in Canada must apply for a student visa. In Canada, unlike other nations, there is no such thing as a student visa. The equivalent of a Canada Student Visa is what they hand out called a “Canada Study Permit.”

The foreign national’s study at the nation’s designated learning institutions (DLI) is made possible by the permit. Contrary to popular belief, a study permit is not the same as a student visa. The foreign person cannot enter Canada with just the study permission that was granted to them by the authorities. A temporary residence visa or an electronic travel authorization , which would be provided as part of the study permit application, would also be required.

It needs to be mentioned that the study permit is not needed to be availed by the individual in case of the following situations:

  • The educational course lasts less than 6 months.
  • He/she is a member of foreign armed forces in Canada on official duties.
  • He/she belongs to a different country but has registered Indian status in Canada.
  • He/she is a family or staff member of a foreign representative in Canada, accredited by Global Affairs Canada (GAC).
  • He or she is a kindergarten student, a refugee, or a person seeking refugee status; they are in the country with a parent who is authorized to work or attend school there; they have parents who are refugees, or who are seeking refugee status; or they want to attend preschool, primary school, or secondary school.

Canada Student Visa Process time

The study permit is good for as long as the student is enrolled in the programme, plus an additional 90 days. The person has an additional 90 days to either depart the country or apply for a visa extension.

Canada Student Visa Fees Structure

Some charges must be paid in order to obtain a Canada student visa. The fees that must be paid begin at very low in the event that the applicant is needed to furnish biometrics.

Since December 31, 2018, biometrics will be compulsory, whenever a new application for a guest visa, study or work permit, or for permanent residency is filed. Currently, Indian students applying for a study permit are exempt from this requirement.

Eligibility Criteria for Canada Student Visa

To apply for a Canada Student Visa, the individual needs to fulfill certain eligibility criteria. They are mentioned below:

  • He/she needs to be enrolled at a designated learning institution (DLI).
  • Must be law-abiding and have no prior convictions. The person must not pose a threat to the nation’s security. (Note: He or she could be required to provide a police certificate.)
  • Must be in good health, may need to complete a medical exam
  • Give evidence that the applicant has adequate money to pay the tuition, cover personal living expenses, and arrange for return transportation from the nation.
  • Persuade the immigration official that the applicant would depart the country as soon as the studies are over.

Canada Student Visa Requirements

When applying for a this Student Visa, the documents which need to be submitted are mentioned below:

  1. Proof of acceptance– The applicant must present the acceptance letter that the institution issued him or her as evidence of admission. The letter must be sent with the request for a study visa.
  2. Proof of financial support– When it comes to proving funds, the individual must submit the documents mentioned below
  • Proof of a student/education loan from a bank.
  • A bank draft that can be converted to Canadian dollars.
  • Bank statement for the last four months.
  • Proof of having tuition and housing fees.
  • Proof of funding paid from within Canada, if the individual is availing a scholarship or is in a Canadian-funded educational program.
  • Letter from the person or school, if they are providing money.
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution.
  • Proof of having a Canadian bank account in his/her name, if funds are being transferred to Canada.
  • Proof of Identity: To prove identity, the individual must submit:
  • Two recent passports sized photographs with the name and date of birth written on the back of each photo.
  • Valid passport or the travel document.

Apart from submitting the proof of acceptance, identity and financial support, the individual might be needed to submit additional documents such as:

3. Letter of explanation – The letter of explanation aids the visa officer in comprehending the applicant and his or her objectives. The letter should provide a justification for the applicant’s desire to study in Canada as well as evidence of the applicant’s awareness of the obligations of a student.

  • Custodian declaration (for minors only) –Only when the kid needs a custodian in Canada must the custodian declaration be submitted. After the first page is signed by the custodian and the second page is signed by the minor child’s parents or legal guardians in the child’s home country, the two-page custodian declaration form must be confirmed by a notary.
  • Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) –If the applicant plans to study in Quebec, they must obtain a Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ) from the provincial government of Quebec. The permission letter from the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI) can be used to apply for the study permit if the applicant is waiting to get the CAQ.
  • Other documents –According to the requirements of the visa office of the nation or area the applicant is from, other papers may also be required. The documentation of immigration status in the nation from which the application for the study permit is filed, however, must be presented regardless of the country or location.

Canada Student Visa Processing Time

As was previously indicated, even if a person has a study permit, they must also get a temporary residence visa or an electronic travel permission (eTA). Depending on the nation from which the applicant is making the application, a study permit issued under the Temporary Residence visa may take longer or shorter to process. The processing period required by the government for Indian nationals is 5 weeks. (Note: The time needed to transmit the application to the authorities and for the biometrics is not included in this processing time.)

How to apply for a Canada Student Visa?

Although it is advised that a person apply for a study visa before traveling to Canada, there are three choices available to candidates. They are:

  • Applying from outside Canada.
  • Applying from within Canada.
  • Applying at the port of entry.

People can apply for a study permit using any of the three methods, both online and on paper. A scanner or camera to make electronic reproductions of the supporting papers is required for online applications for the Canada Student Visa, as does a valid credit or debit card. To apply on paper, the individual is required to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Gather the relevant documents.
  • Fill in the application form completely.
  • Pay the fees for availing the Canada Student Visa.
  • Submit the application.
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