Canada experienced a dramatic increase in job openings, with Ontario and Saskatchewan adding the majority of them.

In just one month, these two areas in Canada advertised 4 lakh job openings.

According to the September data, there were 400,000 more job openings in these 2 regions, bringing the total number of openings up by 3.8% to 994,800.

The government and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) continue to take steps to invite more and more immigrants to fill these open positions as the nation struggles with a severe labour shortage.

These five industries have the most openings.

Services for Social Assistance and Health: With 159,500 new positions, the sectors experienced a record-high number of openings in September.

According to CIC news, the COVID-19 epidemic has resulted in a continuous high demand for professionals in this area (such as doctors, nurses, physicians, surgeons, etc.), which has led to a 25% increase in employment openings year over year.

Accommodation & Food Services: In September, there were 152,400 open positions, a sharp increase of 12% over the previous month.

Even if seasonal circumstances greatly increase the number of openings, this industry has seen growth in hiring as a result of a continuous recovery to pre-pandemic social and business norms.

Retail Trade: In September, the industry’s number of open positions increased slightly to 117,300.

Professional Scientific and Technical Services: This industry’s 61,900 new job openings demonstrate the continued demand for such experts.

Manufacturing: The only sector where job openings have consistently decreased is manufacturing, where there were 76,000 openings in September, down from a peak of 92,100 just one month earlier.

Although this could be interpreted as an indication of increased hiring in the industry, the reduction in job openings follows the fourth decline in Real Gross Domestic Product (RGDP) during the previous five months.

To solve the issue of a labor shortage, the government has declared that it will invite over 1.5 million migrants to the nation.

Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, stated this on introducing the country’s new Canada immigration levels plan: “There were a million jobs available in the Canadian economy at a time when immigration already accounts for nearly all of our labour force growth.” If we don’t welcome immigration, we won’t be able to reach our full economic potential.