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Finland is on the lookout for 30,000 skilled professionals

Finland has become a prominent destination for students, researchers, and innovators, making significant strides to attract international talent amid a growing labor shortage. Laura Lindeman, Senior Director and Head of Work in Finland at Business Finland, shared insights with the Times of India on initiatives like 'Work in Finland' and 'Talent Boost,' which are designed to draw skilled professionals from around the world.

Finland: A Growing Hub for Global Talent

Finland has positioned itself as a thriving center for students, researchers, and innovators worldwide, actively addressing a burgeoning labor shortage by welcoming international workers. Laura Lindeman, Senior Director and Head of Work in Finland at Business Finland, highlighted key initiatives like 'Work in Finland' and 'Talent Boost' in an interview with the Times of India. These programs aim to attract skilled professionals from around the globe, fostering international connectivity and enhancing Finland’s competitiveness through human capital.

Attracting International Talent

Finland recognizes the significant contributions that international talent can make to its economy and society. The country aims to attract 15,000 international students annually by 2030 and increase work-based migration to 30,000 per year. Glenn Gassen, Director of Immigration Affairs in Helsinki, emphasized the need for young workers to counteract Finland’s aging population. He stated, "The Finnish society is ageing; therefore, the country needs more young people to join the labour market."

India has emerged as a key focus for Finland’s talent acquisition strategy. Gassen noted, "India has a growing young population and a lot of untapped talent. Finland has had excellent experiences with Indian students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals." Since 2019, India has been the top source of talent for Finland, with many Indian professionals integrating quickly and finding success.

Key Sectors and Support for Innovation

In response to the labor crisis, Finland is particularly seeking talent in ICT, digitalization, cleantech, and the social and health sectors. The government supports startups through various initiatives, providing stability, transparency, and resources. Programs like the Finnish Startup Permit and funding opportunities through accelerators, incubators, and venture capital funds contribute to a thriving startup ecosystem.

The 'Work in Finland' initiative is a central platform offering information on job searches, living conditions, and relocation aspects. It also supports employers in international recruitment by providing guidance, coaching, financing, and mentoring. Lindeman emphasized that this platform is integral to Finland's strategy to attract and retain global talent.

Public Support and Government Policies

Despite concerns about potential resentment among the local population, polls indicate a positive attitude in Finland toward promoting international labor migration. Finns understand the necessity of international workers for business success and growth. The Finnish government, while maintaining a strict immigration policy, acknowledges the importance of labor-based migration and ensures equal work rights for foreign workers.


Finland is committed to attracting a diverse, international workforce to drive growth, internationalization, and well-being. Through initiatives like 'Work in Finland' and 'Talent Boost,' the country is actively building a future that embraces global talent as a catalyst for development and prosperity. As Lindeman noted, "Finland wants to attract talent and generate growth, internationalisation, and well-being in collaboration with a diverse, international workforce."

The ongoing efforts to attract skilled professionals, particularly from countries like India, highlight Finland’s strategic approach to addressing its labor challenges and fostering an inclusive and innovative environment. The country’s proactive stance in welcoming global talents ensures its position as a dynamic hub for opportunities in the years to come.

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