Canada’s goal of 300,000 new immigrants by March 2023?

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This fiscal year, or 2022–2023, Canada hopes to award citizenship to 300,000 immigrants. The document advises IRCC to complete 285,000 decisions and 300,000 new citizens by March 31, 2023. How will Indians profit from Canada's goal of 300,000 new immigrants by March 2023? For a senior official, the note was written by the Operations, Planning, and [...]

How Germany intends to draw highly talented immigrants while avoiding $85 billion hit?

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The foundations for changing Germany's immigration policy to attract more talented workers and fill hundreds of thousands of job openings have been laid by the country's ruling coalition, a government source told Reuters on Friday. According to the source, one of the revisions entails the introduction of an "opportunity card," which will grant individuals the right [...]

180,000 Canada Immigration Applicants

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For around 180,000 candidates for temporary and permanent residents currently in Canada, Canada is suspending the necessity for medical exams, provided they meet specific conditions. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) declared that certain low-risk foreign nationals residing in Canada are excluded from completing an immigration medical examination (IME) as part of their application when their [...]

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